STEM GEMS: Robot Design

 ​Game Strategy 

  • Simplicity rather than complexity

  • Get the most points possible without losing precision points. 

  • Our solid Robot design allows simple code, so we do not risk having complex code that corrects robot design issues.

  • We make our code simple and straightforward, so that the builders and project people can be able to read it.

 Robot Design 

  • Quick attachment design on three sides of the robot to support as many different missions.

  • Compact, box style chassis with  two motor drivetrain 

  • Two mechanism motors with bevel gears to power quick attachments

  • Gyro & Counter Weights to control navigation & turns

  • Passive mechanisms when motors not required




Robot Run Videos

First Scrimmage Run... 190 Points

Second Scrimmage Run... 230 Points!