STEM GEMS: Innovation Project



How can we help disabled or injured students who cannot use their legs be more active through the use of STEM? If a child has a boot or is unable to use their legs due to a disability, they should have a way to be more active and participate in play and sports.



Our solution is a “cool & fun” motorized wheelchair with attachments that allow the young student to be active and play sports. Our project is called Artemptis Wheelchair.

  • Customizable LED lights.

  • Soccer Ball Leg that attaches to the chair and acts as a lever to kick a ball.

  • Candy launcher on the back 

  • 3D printed cup holder for drinks

  • Basket for sports gear.

  • Lacrosse Stick that attaches to the wheelchair so that you can play lacrosse.

Artemptis Wheelchair Prototypes





Project Submission